The task of reconstruction will be truly immense


Destroyed building in Gaza, 1 January 2009. © Sharif Sarhan

4 February 2009: As we leave after more than two weeks in Gaza, we are still shocked and horrified by the scale of the destruction caused by the 22-day offensive the Israeli army launched on 27 December. The task of reconstruction will be truly immense.

The main priority in our fact-finding research has been to investigate the Israeli forces’ direct and indiscriminate attacks on civilians and their homes, but, before concluding our visit, we also spent some time focusing on the wholesale destruction of factories, workshops and farms, for which it is difficult or impossible to see any possible justification. What we found was even worse than we had first realized.

In the industrial areas to the north-east and south-east of Gaza City there is total devastation; each factory has been methodically destroyed. At the cement factory near the Zaitoun district of Gaza City, we found the same. Every single vehicle – trucks, cement mixers, even the car of the factory’s elderly watchman – had been overturned, dragged through the yard and partially crushed. Whether by design or due to some bitter irony, only a previously broken down vehicle was left untouched and in its place.

To the east of Jabalia, in the ‘Izbet ‘Abderrabbo/Al-Qarm industrial area, we saw just piles of debris between the Haddad tile factory at one end and the Abu ‘Ida cement factory at the other. Pieces of machinery, merchandise, metal sheets from the roof and bricks from the surrounding walls had all been smashed and mangled together by the Israeli army’s destructive machines – particularly their infamous D9 armoured bulldozers.

In the same area, dead cows and sheep still litter the grounds of what used to be a dairy farm, posing a health risk to the thousands of now homeless residents who have set up camp nearby by the ruins of their destroyed homes.

Children are especially at risk. The mountains of rubble left from destroyed houses and factories are now virtually their only playground. Gaza’s schools, which had to be turned into shelters during the three-week conflict for the tens of thousands forced to flee their homes, are now functioning again, but, once the school shift, is over, children have to return to the reality of their devastated homes and neighbourhoods.

It is hard to think of a more unsafe environment for children to play than among the smashed buildings with their often dangerously hanging ceilings, collapsing walls and with metal spikes and the thick dust from crushed asbestos roofs all around. But that is all they have for now and can expect to have for a long time to come, so great is the destruction.

As well, there is a constant danger from unexploded ordnance, as we witnessed at the site of one demolished house, where we saw children handling an Israeli anti-tank mine that had failed to explode; Israeli soldiers used these mines to demolish Palestinian homes. By the rubble of another house, we found children setting alight RDX high explosive; this appeared to have been scattered because the bomb, which had contained it and which had been dropped on the home, had malfunctioned and failed to explode.

Children also keep unearthing the remains from white phosphorus shells fired by Israeli forces into civilian areas, whose fragments re-ignite as soon as the phosphorus is exposed to oxygen and cause a dense smoke, placing children at risk of being burnt and or inhaling the smoke and fumes.

John Holmes, the UN’s Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, who visited Gaza briefly last week, described what he saw as devastating. The UN has launched a flash appeal for US$613 million to aid the reconstruction of Gaza. However, as the people of Gaza begin trying to piece their lives back together, both they and the UN and other humanitarian relief agencies and NGOs who are leading relief efforts face an additional challenge – the ongoing Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip.

The fact is, conditions for the civilian population of Gaza – some 1.5 million people, the majority of them children – were already desperate before the latest Israeli military offensive was launched on 27 December. For the previous 18 months, Gazans had been surviving mainly due to assistance provided by the UN and other humanitarian agencies and NGOs due to the tight blockade of Gaza enforced by the Israeli army, though these agencies faced great difficulties in bringing even basic essentials into Gaza.

The Israeli blockade restricted or prevented entirely the entry of most goods into Gaza via the authorized crossings, leading to a dramatic increase in the use of underground tunnels to smuggle basic necessities into Gaza from Egypt. However, such smuggled goods – ranging from powdered milk and nappies for babies to live cattle to be slaughtered for meat – cost far more than most Gazans can afford to pay and their supply has been and is notoriously irregular.

In recent days and weeks, Israeli forces have targeted the tunnels, accusing Hamas and other Palestinian armed groups of using them to smuggle in parts to make rockets to fire at Israel, and have carried out extensive bombardment of the tunnels along the Gaza-Egypt border. Even so, some tunnels continue to function and it appears that more are being dug, despite continuing Israeli bombing and the risks this poses to those who dig and repair the tunnels so that goods and supplies can be passed through them.

Reconstructing Gaza will be a gargantuan task. Even clearing the rubble left over from the destruction of homes and factories, which must be done before any proper rebuilding can be started, presents a mammoth challenge. It requires heavy machinery and the fuel to operate it, but neither of these is available in Gaza.

Enormous as it is, the challenge facing the people of Gaza and the humanitarian agencies and NGOs trying to assist them is made even greater by the continuing Israeli blockade. This must be lifted and without delay. The Israeli authorities must allow free and unfettered passage into Gaza of the material and other resources, including machinery, spare parts and fuel, which are desperately needed for reconstruction.

And they must allow the unhindered passage of food and other necessities. The civilian population of Gaza must be permitted to resume their lives and not any longer be condemned to struggle for bare survival.

As well, the international community must put in place a robust mechanism to ensure accountability and reparation for the unlawful actions of all the parties to this grim conflict, which have caused such loss of life and wanton destruction. For the latter, it is time too for the international community to insist that Israel pay its share of the cost of reparation for what its forces wantonly destroyed.

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  1. Marilyn Shepherd says:

    And most of the west and Israel still blame the Palestinians. It’s bizarre.

  2. Cherille says:

    Why are they our problem?

    As a taxpayer whose money goes towards supporting the UN, when is this craziness going to end of keeping Palestinians on the dole. What have the Palestinians built and developed with all the foreign aid they have received over the past 63 years. It is convenient to blame the West, Israel etc, but they have lived in the same area for over 63 years and still claim to be refugees. Refugees from where? Most were born in Gaza and they are citizens of Gaza. The UN needs to rethink the aid- especially when their corrupt leaders have money for purchasing weapons or opening foreign bank accounts (a la Arafat)

    Feb 6, 2009 15:52 | Updated Feb 6, 2009 17:28

    UNRWA suspends Gaza aid after Hamas steals supplies

    UNRWA informed the IDF on Friday that it is suspending its humanitarian aid deliveries to the Gaza Strip after Hamas stole supplies the United Nations organization had transferred to the Palestinian territory.

    The seizure of the 200 tons of supplies took place Thursday night and in response, UNRWA officials informed the Gaza Coordination and Liaison Administration that it was suspending its deliveries to the Gaza Strip until further notice. The supplies confiscated included flour and other basic commodities.

    The transfer of 40 truckloads of humanitarian supplies – some 800 tons – planned for Sunday has already been canceled.

    Officials in Jerusalem said the announcement by UNRWA constituted a UN approval and confirmation of Israel’s position, that Hamas is using the Palestinian population in gaza “cruelly and cynically” and is solely responsible for hardship there.

    It was the second time this week that Hamas stole UN supplies transferred to the Gaza Strip for impoverished Palestinians.

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  9. Esteban says:

    The article fails to attribute any blame of Gaza’s condition to the de facto government in Gaza, Hamas. Total responsibility for the plight of the Gazans has been placed on Israel’s shoulders. The article’s slant is unfair and biased. Hamas has sought war and not peace, and has used Gaza’s population as cannon fodder.

  10. Janet Weinberg says:

    Why have you not spoken out against Hamas for using their people as human shields?

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  12. Leila says:

    Janet, there is absolutely no credible evidence that Hamas has used anyone as a human shield. Stop spreading lies. Wakeup.

  13. Oscar says:

    The gazans chose Hamas, a religious organization whose main scope of existence is to destroy Israel as their leaders. Gazans used rockets on southern Israel for 8 years. How long will it take before Amnesty takes a stand against PALESTINIAN human rights violation and terror?

  14. Marilyn Shepherd says:

    Janet, Hamas did not use their people as human shields, they never do. But Israel is well documented as doing just that with Palestinians.

    And Esteban, as the occupying power over Gaza Israel is the place totally responsible for the mess and catastrophe they have inflicted on the people of Palestine.

    I know it is difficult for you zionist thugs to understand but the land is Palestine.

  15. Jayson Rex says:

    The task will indeed be immense since Palestinians will expect and wait for U.S. and Europe to provide everything needed for the “reconstruction” of Gaza. Hamas, of course, will do nothing and all other Arab countries will build some more palaces, casinos, etc. So be it!

  16. Jayson Rex says:

    To Marilyn Shepherd
    You are right to remind everyone that “the land is Palestine”. As it happens, the Jews want it back (after 2,000 years) and without the Arabs occupiers, of course. Jews lost the war with Rome and were exiled from their land. The Arabs occupied it and, lo and behold, declared it to be part of Islam – the usual trick that Spain had to fight against for hundreds of years with the help of the Church, naturally. So now, it is the turn of Palestine. In the past, Arabs used to fight, often valiantly. Noe they either blow themselves up or beg for charity from the West while playing the old “victimhood game”. Why is this so difficult to understand? Or is it simply a mater of not wanting to understand?

  17. iwaser says:

    I know it is difficult for you anti-Semites thugs to understand but the land is Israel. Look into history books, including the bible and your holy scripts, you ignorant. Palestine was a Roman (remember? the guys that executed Yeshua) invention. Shame on you.

  18. Richard Hess says:

    Is really disgusting to see people in here trying to justify this abomination. There is ZERO justification for killing children. If Israel is really a member of the international community as they always claim, they should allow a fair and impartial investigation on war crimes.

  19. Ian Fountain says:

    I spent two years working around southern Israel and the occupied territories. Palestinian Gunmen fired on my Israeli car when I was driving through, they then ran back in to the houses with children and women.

    I do not know where Marilyn Shepherd gets her ideas but she has obviously never been to Israel or in the occupied territories.

    Yes there must be peace, but face the truh please. HAMAS will use whatever means they can to win, including children as human shields, FATAH are not like them. President Abbas wants peace but has lost control.

    If Amnesty want to make a difference then it is time that they pushed the UN to put a force in to the area to stabilise it and stop all armed agression.

    Then lets talk peace and human rights

  20. Joan Burt says:

    Thank you Livewire for this carefully reported information. It is so necessary. It is shameful what has been done to the people of Gaza, refugees who have a right of return to their land, and who have been prevented from fleeing from this massacre. Israel, what has made your hearts so hard?

  21. Jayson Rex says:

    Richard Hess
    [23 February 2009 at 11:13 PM
    Is really disgusting to see people in here trying to justify this abomination. There is ZERO justification for killing children. If Israel is really a member of the international community as they always claim, they should allow a fair and impartial investigation on war crimes.]

    It is nearly impossible to change bias or prejudice since it takes too long to ever hope for success. This short reply, therefore, is addressed to all other readers but NOT to Richard Hess (hopefully not a parent of Rudolf Hess).
    Does anyone have any idea how many people, women and children included, have been killed in Darfur? Or in any other country where Muslim Militias are “active”?
    Does anyone know how many people, including women and children, were killed in Dresden by the Allies’ one night bombing raid aimed specifically to the civilian population during WWII? Or London? Or Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
    Israel needs no justification! The country is at war with the Arab terrorists and it will strike at them wherever they hide, including among and behind women and children.

  22. Dean says:

    Amnesty is biased and anti-semitic. Israel has a right to defend itself. Just like Russia is doing with the chechen rebels

  23. rachamim ben ami says:

    All the talk about the usage of WP (Phosphorus) and with more than 1.5 months of free access all AI can do is keep making baseless accusationas. If AI witnessed children playing with WP, ir any WP at all, why not prove it to bolster your case?

    Of course there is no such proof DESPITe HAMAS having used WP at least two times on 1/14th, fired into Israel. One of those shells was fired into a home by the way (in Sha’ar HaNegev) but of course that did not even rate a setnence in the AI “Report.”

    Honest criticism is great, in fact vital. However, all AI is doing is manipulting propaganda.

    As for destruiction witnessed. AI is no position whatsoever to “imagine” what might have taken place. If AI has film or photos of the IDF et al purposely destroying anything of a civlian/private nature then they should provide it to the ICC and prove their point. Instead, remarking on debris is just further manipulation. AI has so much potential for good but at least in the Mid-East it is has always squandered it. Why not do something novel, like engage in honest examination of the dynamic?

  24. Burt Goldstein says:

    Dean-I agree that if Amnestyholds Israel more accountable for the Gaza tragedy than Hamas, that a serious error is being committed. But what evidence do you have for ‘anti-semitism’? If you have evidence – give it. If not, do not demean the word by misuse. Joan Burt – My heart also bleeds when seeing innocent Gazans die and suffer. But are you seriously ignorant of why Israeli’s have hard hearts? Apart from the 100s of Hamas rockets fired into their civilian areas (Hamas’ printed policy is to regard all Israelis, including children as combatants – I read this in their charter) there is the history of suicide bombers blowing up Israelis. (Does this need documentation?) Marilyn Shepherd’s assertion that it is ‘well-documented’ that Israelis use human shields but Hamas strikes me as otherwordly! Please Marilyn, cite me a study or two! As to the charges of war crimes – While I think it would be useful and relatively easy to make a case charging the Bush Administration with war crimes for their ‘pre-emptive’ war in Iraq, violation of Geneva torture conventions, etc, I think the courts are the wrong place for a 60 year-old relationship to be thrashed out. Israel may have committed violations in Hamas – Hamas certainly did with lobbing missiles into civilian areas – it would be folly to take one incident out of contect and would be impractical to have 500 war crimes trials for all the alleged incidents in the past 60 years. I like Ian Fountain’s approach – get UN troops in to stop both sides. My prediction – if Hamas is stopped from committing violence against Israel, Israel will never bomb a Palestinian in Gaza. Sad to say – that would be the easist part. The hard stuff would be getting Israel to stop the settlements, tear down the wall and get the Palestinians to vote out Hamas and accept Jews as the owners of Israel once and for all.

  25. diana says:

    Well, first i would like to say Amnesty international is not anti-semetic! People have to stop using the word semite to describe only the jewish people of the world. Read a history book people. Arabsare also semetic people. Seetic describes people who speak semetic languages like, hebrew, arabic, aramaic,babalonian,assyrian ect. This is basic history 101. Have you ever taken a basic college class? furthermore, Why should Palestinians accept Jewish occupation? Would we? Every person has the right to expect to be treated with basic human dignity The Jews expected it in Europe, and the Arabs have the right to expect it in their own land. Why do people think of arabs as less than human? When you back people into a corner they will strike back. We all would. The Jews had underground resistance movements in Nazi Europe. Why should the Palestinians roll over and play dead? My, third comment is to the ignorant person who said they use people as human shields. You hve never met an arabic person obviously, because they love their families, neighbors, and land just as much as anyone else. that is why they fight for it so hard. Gaza is a tightly populated area, and these fighters have famiies they go home to at the end of the day. They do not have a special military base the can go to. So, because they have a family at the end of the day, it does not mean they hide behind them. Believe me, if they were allowed to have an organized military at the end of the day Israel would not stand a chance because tese guys have more heart, more balls and more reason to fight.

  26. Jo S says:

    Amnesty DOES condemn Hamas and the Palestinian factions very regularly for their indiscriminate attacks on Israeli civillian populations, and Hamas’s continued torture and murder of civillians it accuses of “collaboration” or of being members of Fatah or the Palestinian Authority. It can hardly be called biased.

    Likewise it condemns Israel for attacks on civillian populations, disproportionate attacks and the deliberate destruction on civilian infrastructure not out of any sense of ant-Semitism, but because in this modern age, supposedly civilised countries should not be engaging in these actions.

    However bear in mind, Israel is the occupying power. It has a legal and moral responsibility to protect civillian populations, not engage in acts of collective punishment etc. Even the US has been forced to complain that the Israeli military has blocked shipments of essential humanitarian aid such as pasta, lentils, tomato paste, as well as essential building materials. History has time and again shown that such acts of food restriction and collective punishment will not turn the Palestinian population against Hamas, but rather against the people actually stopping the food i.e. the Israeli Government.

    Pleas stop wildly and blindly throwing around acusations of “anti-semitism” because someone dares to make legitimate critisisms of the actions of the Government of a country that happens to be mostly Jewish. It’s lazy, makes it look like the Israelis have something to hide, and most importantly, when there is genuine anti-semitism, stops people noticing it and acting on it.

  27. talorkorn says:

    As a U.S. tax-payer, it is without reservation that I would advocate halting all aid, except humanitarian, to the State of Israel. For a nation that is facing significant challenges domestically, our capacity to militarily fund regimes such as Israel, Egypt, Columbia, et. al., is wholly inappropriate. Perhaps the “change” that was ushered into the U.S. government will be reflected in such policies, not just limited to our funding of rogue states, but also our direct involvement in them. It takes significant funds to run military campaigns. I think AI’s call to reconsider the military funding is critically immediate and could prove to be an effective deterrent to such unacceptable behaviour.

    Attempts to assign “religious” notions to such a conflict, such the oft-used and disrespectful reference to “anti-Semitism” or any ill-informed reference that this is some classic historical clash of religions is specious and obstructive to the issue at hand.

    As a U.S. taxpayer, any investment of these funds should be towards to creation of secular and democratic societies, not those “carved” up along distinctions that are irrelevant and unsustainable. To not do so would go against the values that we purport.

  28. Nabeel says:

    what is taking palce in gaza is real genocide. The Israeli policy against the Palestinians is ethnic cleasing. If Amnesty is concerned in bringing culprits to justic, it must bring the Israeli military & political leaders to special court held for this purpose due to the huge massacres they committed in the territory against every palestinian human being and their properities.

  29. susan egan says:

    Israel shall pay all the money they have received from Germany to Palestinans.

  30. Jayson Rex says:

    It is strange that all pro-Palestinian comments are posted by people with women’s names. I have little doubts that, as always, some macho Muslim is again hiding behind a woman’s skirt. Typical of Islamists.

  31. shalomahee says:

    Well, first i would like to say Amnesty international is not anti-semetic! People have to stop using the word semite to describe only the jewish people of the world. Read a history book people. Arabsare also semetic people. Seetic describes people who speak semetic languages like, hebrew, arabic, aramaic,babalonian,assyrian ect.
    Thought i’d start with that quote just agree with the poster and hopefully distance myself from the discussions that brought it on.
    What I want to say is that Amnesty should investigate the situation and call for an International Action. My reasons are as follows;
    1: Despite huge efforts for over 40 years since the 6 Day War the situation continually erupts into the exact same result and we are back with the usual 2 Camp scenario.
    It is no longer a case of who is right, it is a case of what is right.
    2: Woman and children have been the biggest casualties on both sides-they always are.
    3: This latest insult to humanity might be able to be blamed on one side or the other-depending on your previous position-But from 1948 until now is it possible to tell anything other than shots have been fired from both sides and women and children have been the casualties?
    It is no longer a case of Pro Israel or Pro Palestine it is a case of Pro-Human Rights. The huge majority of people in the area, regardless of race creed or culture just want to get on with their lives, what is it going to take to get the minority that comprise the political factions to see that, to forget the past and look to the future.
    International Intervention NOW while there is time.

  32. Well, I live in a far distant place named India, a country badly affected by terror. Everyday we leave for work with the fear that terror may strike at any moment. Like India, terror is now a major problem of several “countries” (I quoted “countries”, because I strongly consider the mankind as a single nation).
    Blames and counter-blames go on, so go on terror and counter-terror violences. In either way, the sufferer is the common man.

    I know India, and its relationship with the neighbouring Pakistan. But I don’t know whom to blame for!!! I don’t want a Pakistani commoner to suffer. Nor do I think that any conscious Pakistani commoner wants Indian commoners to suffer. He doesn’t benefit from guns firing from that side of the “border”, nor does he benefit from the terror strikes on India by terrorists from Pakistan. So what are the violences for??? For whose benefit??? Who wants them???

    I don’t know about Israel or Palestine, apart from those reported by the media. I am keen to know. But I’m sure the violences benefit no commoner or any side of the border.

  33. Monica Alves says:

    “It is strange that all pro-Palestinian comments are posted by people with women’s names. I have little doubts that, as always, some macho Muslim is again hiding behind a woman’s skirt. Typical of Islamists.”

    How very sexist of you….

  34. iulia says:

    Israel is doing more injustice to the Palestinians than the terrorist groupof Hamas is doing to Israel, both however are injust in their actions. To understand this, please go to the website and read the testimonials of the 18 year old Jewish Israelites who refuse to serve in the Israeli army because of its injustices to the Palestinians and who are being jailed because they refuse to do so.

  35. rachamim ben ami says:

    All the talking heads but the only thing really getting folks here up in arms is the labeling of AI as “Anti-Semitic,” how predictable.

    The talking heads are correct though, as they say, chimps with typewriters can bang out Shakespeare if given the time.

    You see, “Anti-Semitism” is a senselss label if ever there was one. AI has no problem with Arabs who are not only just as Semitic as any Jew, but out number Jews roughly 8 to 1! AI could NEVER wear THAT label but is it “Anti-Jewish?”

    A poster mentioned how AI does criticise HAMAS and Fatah, among others but were that poster to do even the most basic of examinations they would be forced to recognise a very curious fact. Just as Jews are far outnumbered by Arabs, reports and articles highly critical of Israel far, far outnumber any criticism of any Arab entity, let alone HAMAS et al.

    Some explain this away by pointing out the fact that AI was founded by odeologically invested communists and ever after has retained the stereotypical ideologue’s blind commitment to Party Line regardless of changing political realities.

    Others point to other possibilities and yet, the undeniable fact through it all is that a staunchly Liberal Democracy like Israel, that has an Arab minority of 20.2% (figures released today), and which gives this minority each and every right enjoyed by the majority plus extra ones to boot is subjected to a far higher number of critiques then HAMAS, an organisation whose Charter publicly vows to exterminate every JEW on the planet! Hmmm, what SHOULD we call AI’s curious choice of subject matter?

  36. Cassie says:

    I am probably the youngest person on here, but after reading all of your responses it’s sicking to see that you guys are arguing over what the land is or is not, or whether we should be worried about this or not. What you should be talking about is how awful the attack is. innocent people were killed, children there are going to grow up and have to tell their own kids about this, and that is unfair. What they should be able to tell their own kids is, i grew up in the land of our people, it was PEACEFUL, beautiful, full of cows and sheep. Not I grew up in ruble, surrounded by dead cows and sheep, surrounded by violence and people who hated and tryed to kill us. Im 16, I live in Iowa, and Im going to be able to tell my kids that i grew up having a nice life. It’s not fair that those kids have to suffer over people arguing over land, religion, beliefs, what ever. Life is worth living, but these people are not gettign the chance to live, because of ignorance, and the people who are incabable of reliezing that everyone is equal.

  37. Rufaro Mandizvidza says:

    It is a pure and sure enough sign of the times.

  38. Ian says:

    Marilyn Shepherd, you obviously have made your mind up that Israel is to blame.

    I would love to know where you get your facts from. I am sure it is from stories in the news and from people on one side of the battle and not both sides.

    Hamas must stop using their people as cannon fodder and talk peace, only then wil there be peace.

    How can you expect anyone to achieve piece if their policy is the destruction of another country.
    You need to check what you are saying before you write things

  39. Pat Plunkett says:

    What chance do the people of Gaza have when both the British and American governments are being bribed by the Israelis’. No Government in the world has stood up for the rights of the Gaza citizens, or are even capable of defending their human rights. This is grossly wrong and needs urgent attention by Amnesty International globally. It is a trend which is razing its ugly head across the world, carefully planned to scare us all into submission, and it is working. People across Britain are protesting by not voting, the apathy after the reccession is unbelievable. We are being culled to shape a less peopled world which is under the control of very rich families, if the people realised what was truly going on what would they do ? I want to be positive but it is hard when you see around you people with silent voices so scared to make the wrong move, have lost all interest in Politics and begin to hide away in their own comfort. I really do want to help the people of Gaza and try my best to post a bulletin a day to inform my friends. I will continue to write to MPs’ as well even though they never reply on the subject, I know why.

  40. john says:

    the world has 6 billion plus people and for some reason organizations like amnesty intl wants to focus on a country the size of new jersey with a population of about 4 million. There are thousands of countries whose crimes against humanity make israel look like disney world. not to mention the fact that israel may have killed but they are at war with 500 million plus muslims as their neighbors. Sorry I am not even religious but clearly this is an anti jewish cause. For those who are against Israel you have to asked yourself why is this your big cause not the injustice for the other 99.99% of the world’s population?! You are cowards who don’t want to stand up to the wrath of the muslim world or the fear of being though t of as a racist against the torture that happens in Africa. Shame on all of you!

  41. Hi,
    @ weeks ago AI castigated Israel for harassing Ameer Makhoul. He has now been officially indicted for spying, including at time of war. He has not yet been convicted, obviously, but it would be interesting to hear AI’s opinion of this new development, since at the time of his arrest the position was very negative.

  42. Andy Gardner says:

    Cherille, I would love to see you try to find a job in Gaza these days!

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