Ex Guantánamo detainee at speaking tour in Poland

©Tomasz Grygorowicz

Over 100 people, mostly students, attended the meeting with Rhuhel Ahmed – former Guantánamo detainee in Warsaw on April 2, 2009. Ahmed’s visit in Poland coincided with the launch of AI Poland’s Counter terror with Justice campaign.

“At the time when some people say, that tortures are justified during the ‘war on terror’ we have an unique possibility to hear testimony of the person that survived the hell of tortures in Kandahar and Guantanamo”, said Draginja Nadazdin, Director of Amnesty International’s section in Poland, introducing Rhuhel Ahmed to the public.

After the documentary screening of Outlawed, Draginja Nadazdin presented short updates for the those featured.

Watch photos of this and other events as part of the Counter Terror With Justice campaign.

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  1. there is a Guantanamo in India. sabarmati central jail in the state of Gujarat. please do something about. it

  2. Francisco says:

    And the Cuban prisioners? They fight for freedom, democracy… No one speaks about them???

  3. احمد لطفى احمد says:

    كل ماتفعلونه فداء للحريه والتعبير .. اقدره واعترف بيه امام كل الناس .. اتمنى ان اكون واحد من يقومون بالتوعيه لدى افراد الشعب .. اشكر جهدكم المبذول.. .. واتمنى لكم سياده عالميه حقيقيه فى مجال حريات الشعوب

  4. احمد لطفى احمد says:

    امتلك فكره .. يمكن ان نقوم بعمل لجنه بحث تنزل شوارع مصر وتجرى بحثا عن الانتهاكات .. ونقوم من خلال هذا البحث بمعالجه الاخطاء وتوصيلها الى المسئولين للتصرف فيها .. علما بان المسولين اذا وجدوا دليل قاطع من قبل اى شخص على انه ينتهك الحقوق والحريات سيقفون له وقفه تمنعه من قيام ذلك مره اخرى

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