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© Amnesty International in Switzerland

© Amnesty International in Switzerland

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Amnesty International in Switzerland offered an excellent opportunity to launch the Saudi Arabia photo petition on 26 June 2009.

The sustained assault on human rights in the name of security and fighting terrorism undertaken by the Saudi Arabian authorities is shocking, especially in view of this country’s significant power and influence on the political and economic world stage, playing a leading role in the Arab and Islamic worlds. We want to lift the veil and expose the human rights abuses.

We asked the question “Saudi Arabia: what are you hiding?” – pointing to what is going on behind closed doors: arbitrary arrests and prolonged detention, torture and other ill-treatment, unfair trials, flogging and death sentences. We demand strict adherence to international human rights obligations from the government of Saudi Arabia.

The selection was quickly made – there were four different slogans to choose from. They were used as placards for the photo shoot, situated in the hallway leading to the plenary room. Every person supporting the Saudi Arabia photo petition stood against the black curtain on the wall and held up the chosen slogan.

In the months ahead, our groups and members will take up this action. We need to collect many more photo portraits and generate creative activism and strong media attention to puncture the secrecy that surrounds Saudi Arabia’s counter-terrorism policies and practices.

Who is joining us?

By Lukas Labhart, Amnesty International in Switzerland

View more pictures from the Saudi Arabia photo petition

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  1. mohamed elgadi says:

    torture and other ill-treatment, flogging, limb amputation, and other so-called religious Penal Code should be removed from the Criminal Judicial System period.!

  2. Maziar Hashemi says:

    I am an Iranian Man who think we in this region must cooperate with each other to not-violented change of (oil based)corrupted regimes to a modern democracy.

  3. Astrid Essed says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am wholeheartedly supporting the Saudi Arabia photo-petition

    Not only Saudi Arabia is maintaining the death penalty, which I oppose as a cruel and inhuman punishment, also the autorities are executing juveniles, which is strictly forbidden according International Law
    Besides that, Saudi Arabia doesn’t meet international criteria for a fair and independent trial, as the defendants right to access to a lawyer, the right to adequate time and facility to prepare ones defense and the presumption of the defendant’s innocence

    Others serious violations are torture practices, incommunicado and arbitrary arrests

    Especially real or alleged terrorsuspects have held years without any trial, since the Saudian acceptance of the anti-terrormeasures, after the attacks of 11th-9-2001

    O speak out hope, that the Saudi Arab Autorities, who have undersigned important international treaties like the Convention against Torture, will issue an independent investigation to those abuses and respect the right on humane treatment and a fair trial of any prisoner, regardless the accusation

    The Islam is a religion of Love and tolerance and the maintainance of those human rights violations is contrary the teachings of the Holy Book the Koran

    Kind regards

    Astrid Essed
    The Netherlands

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  5. Nikhil Krishnan says:

    Thanks to the Amnesty International for coming up with an effective idea of Photo Petition. I am completely supporting and will support the Photo Petition movement against Saudi Arabia. Counter Terrorism and Islam are excuses being used to have human rights violations done in Saudi Arabia. I think it is very necessary to bring up these issues for the awareness of the entire world.

  6. Abdulaziz Alotaibi says:

    I live in SAUDI ARABI AND believe it or not. The corrupted Saudi regime and the King of Saudi Arabia are hiding horrible things in their torturing the innocent civilians. The torturing things became normal to her inbetween people. in fact no Saudi can have the courage to talk in public or criticize the king or the royal family for what they’re doing. if the police caught you you’re completely dead or like ppl in Saudi Arabia say usually “they will send you behind the sun” it’s an expression.

  7. Abdulaziz Alotaibi says:

    anyways, I think I’m probably going to be arrested for leaving this comment.. plz help! amnesty :( ….

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  10. Kathy Wiggit says:

    Justice will be served- one way or another

  11. Greg Cameron says:

    Torture is always wrong and the people who commit it are always despicable. Fight torture where and when it occurs. This is the 21st century, people. Our sense of common humanity should prevent us from doing such things.

  12. Casey A. says:

    Stop human rights violation! protect human beings. respect human rights. stop torture.

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