Well attended press conference on Gambia in Nigeria

Press conference about Gambia in Nigeria

Press conference about the human rights situation in Gambia in Abuja, Nigeria

The press conference in Abuja was held at the premises of the National Human Rights Commission and was well attended by Civil Society members and journalists. The delegation was represented by me (Amnesty International), Ndey Tapha Sosseh (Gambia Press Union) and Winfred Nii-Boye (Media Foundation).

The press conference started with a short video clip of the interview of the Gambian President that led to this recent repression. I read the press statement, followed by a presentation by Ndey and Winfred spoke about their media alert. The Secretary of the Nigerian Union of Journalists gave a solidarity message.

Ndey Tapha Sosseh, President of the Gambia Press Union

Ndey Tapha Sosseh, President of the Gambia Press Union

About 20 journalists were present including from the BBC, AFP, the Guardian, Punch and AIT. Many NGOs were there including a member of the Nigeria Bar Association and the Nigeria Union of Journalists.

Questions were asked, some of which included whether a formal complaint been filed before the ICC, and whether a formal complaint has been made to the Bar association about the Nigerian Judges in Gambia. We responded to all questions and thanks participants for their contribution. Ndey and I had some side interviews with BBC and other media houses.

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  1. The Gambia government, have to think about the future of the country, and stop the saga and let peace reign in Gambia, but most of this problem is cause by the selfishness of the leaders, i believe if the world human right organization, AU, and UN can support this people, i hope peace will reign in Gambia, because there is nothing good than peace in the world

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