Yaya Dampha – a Gambian journalist in Sweden

Yaya Dampha in Sweden with Karin Bolin, the Department Secretary in charge of West Africa

Yaya Dampha in Sweden with Karin Bolin, the Department Secretary in charge of West Africa

We had a meeting with official of the Swedish foreign ministry on the 22 July. About 15 Gambians in Stockholm participated in our journey to the foreign ministry. I and three other Gambians were allowed in to meet Madam Karin Bolin, Department Sectary in charge of West Africa. She is also EU desk officer.

We presented the public statement to her and talked about the human rights abuses and violations in Gambia. We also gave her highlights on the lack of press freedom and the case of Chief Ebrima Manneh and Kanyiba Kanyi among others.

I gave my own case also during my arrest with the Amnesty International team in Gambia in October 2007.

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  1. Kushal says:

    We must join hands for the sake of human rights.

  2. Joakim says:

    the law and discriminates against new migration in SWEDEN

  3. Mikairu Isah- Nigeria says:

    I am highly bittered and embarrased by the daily occurrence of human rights abuse in the Gambia. Infact, one question that should come to our mind is; is Gambia not a democractic state, is the parliament of Gambia not sensitive to the callous situation in their country?. Let them take a lesson from Nigeria. Gambians, rise up and defend democracy, your rights is in your hands. We the Amnesty International shall continue to use all means available to supress the anarchy and monsterous rule in the Gambia. freedom for all, freedom for the Gambians!!!!!

  4. Alieu Touray says:

    hi am a gambian who need to know more about the amnesty international in sweeden,if can to come and further my education.

  5. bubacarr fadera says:

    Let us be honest with ourselves and we need a freedom in our home coutry

  6. throw darbor says:

    hello uncle it is me throe Darbee from Gambia i miss so how are u doing i thing u live in good condition of health tank u very much for that.

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