Rain doesn’t deter people in mountainous Kabala

Kabala audience uses chairs to stay dry ©Amnesty International

Kabala audience uses chairs to stay dry ©Amnesty International

Kabala is a mountainous town in Koinadugu district – the largest district in Sierra Leone with the roughest terrain and according to the available statistics the highest maternal mortality rates. Most people use motorcycle taxis to manoeuvre around the mountains, but in an emergency it isn’t easy.

When we were discussing the fact that one in eight women die in Sierra Leone from pregnancy and childbirth related complications, a volunteer stated that it used to be much worse before.

It poured down with rain before the launch event and finished just in time for the start. However, half way through the play the sky started rumbling again and the rain came pouring down.

Kabala audience enjoys the show ©Amnesty International

Kabala audience enjoys the show ©Amnesty International

This didn’t deter people – they found chairs, umbrellas and other means of staying dry to continue watching. The rain eventually stopped and we were able to continue smoothly with the day’s events, ending with the film.

Tomorrow, we have a long day on the road. We’re going to Makeni for a few hours to break our seven hour drive to Kenema, where we will stay for two days.

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  2. I am one with the people of Kabala. Of Sierra Leone. I am happy for them.

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