The Bhopal European Bus Tour

Amnesty International is launching a bus tour, together with partner organisations the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal and the Bhopal Medical Appeal, which will travel throughout Europe for eight weeks starting on 17 October until 2 December – the day of the 25th anniversary.

The tour will stop in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, France and the United Kingdom. Activists from Bhopal, who were directly affected by the disaster, are travelling on the bus and will share their experiences of how the gas leak has affected their lives and how they’ve been campaigning for justice for 25 years.

Follow the Blog of the Bhopal European Bus Tour and leave your voice for the people of Bhopal

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  1. Nancy Piedrahita says:

    Justice in Bhopal and the Bhopal Medical Appeal whom were directly affected by the disaster

  2. Pat Plunkett says:

    I would be very interested in following the bus tour. We have Union Carbine here at Grangemouth in Scotland. I am so sorry the people suffered so much, let’s hope it is never repeated here in Scotland.

  3. Chris Perks says:

    I would like to express my solidarity with your campaign. It is shameful that you have been campaigning for 25 years, and have still not achieved justice. I hope, by bringing your campaign to Europe, it will come to the attention of more people, and you will ast last get the justice you deserve.

  4. Dinesh Singh Chouhan says:

    Bhopal Tragedy,was a horrible crisis for thousands of peoples,most of them were died by the gas UNION CARBIDE. The entire area of a wide range were affected by the gas.every where there was dead peoples on road of Bhopal.
    The gas was affected a wide area of Bhopal,Now anybody can see affected handicapped people in Bhopal.The crisis
    of people can tend all human to sock on LIFE.

  5. Hamed Hilal Mohammed says:

    Justice delay is justice denial. 25 years is more than enough for the victims tobe compesated. By doing nothing the Indian Goverment seems to support the negligence of Union Carbide hence should take the whole responsibilty.

  6. oscar calamaco says:

    justice for victims of Bhopal

  7. Bijay Tripathy says:

    The vulnerability of the case is still visible in the area.The government’s role is not at all supportive in nature.

  8. Ivana says:

    Such a shame and injustice to both people and the land! I was thinking about visiting, found interesting informations on one site ( but this, I didn’t know…

  9. Rahul says:

    it had been a long wait seriously…it was a painful tragedy which still wiped out completely from the memories of victims

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