How Mali took part in this year’s Write for Rights campaign

By Maimouna Dembele of Amnesty International Mali

As happens every year in over 44 countries worldwide, Amnesty International devoted more than a week to activities in support of the Write for Rights letter writing marathon.

Like other countries, Amnesty International Mali did not stay on the sidelines of this event and helped raise awareness of human rights by writing letters in support of victims of abuse.

The launch of the activity took place Saturday 4 December at the Industrial Training Centre “CFI” in Bamako in the presence of the national press, students, pupils and school officials from 10 schools in the capital.

Having established a goal of 1,800 letters to write before 14 December, the closing date of the marathon, the youth network of Amnesty International Mali recognized the difficult task ahead.
Therefore it planned to work quickly with the targeted institutions, which included: the CFI, the Farman Sangare high school, Sangare Dagab high school, Platon high school, HI-Grise  high school, Zeina high school, Planete high school, Marlidem high school, Sabunyuma  and the center ECICA.

It was a nice surprise for the youth network of Amnesty International Mali, to see all the enthusiasm and interest of committed students and teachers engaged in the activity as testament that they understood the strong message from the Executive Director of Amnesty Mali “human rights, it is a common matter.

This enthusiasm resulted in a record number of letters written in just one week, and currently 2,366 letters have been written by pupils and students accompanied by their teachers.

More letters are still expected…

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