1. Ralph Kreider says:

    I guess we know who calls the shot @ amnesty. That’s why my comment wasn’t posted. Thank god there are a million other means.

    • Adam Anderson says:

      No we don’t know “who calls the shot @ amnesty”, why don’t you inform us all? The Israeli government continues to demonstrate it has no moral code and can commit crime after crime and atrocity after atrocity. The peace loving Israeli citizens need support to also exercise their rights and effect a positive change in their government that will hopefully recognise Palestinians as human beings at the very least. There are Israelis and honorable people of the Jewish faith outside of Israel that want to see Israel become a truly Jewish state exercising morals and ethics not a secular-zionist state that has committed all this evil since it’s inception in the 1917 Balfour Declaration and it’s full scale military implementation in 1948.

      • David says:

        This screed, in which you baselessly accuse Israel of “atrocities” shows why Israel doesn’t take you guys seriously.

        And what, in your opinion, is a “truly Jewish state”? If Israel did what you guys demand it do (cancel the Citizenship and Entry Law and allow the “Palestinian refugees” to return) it would be swamped with Arabs and become an Arab state.

  2. David says:

    Such stupid BS.

    The “occupied territories”, under international law, are disputed territories, which are in legal limbo since Israel has legitimate claim to them via the 1920 San Remo Conference and Jordan’s renunciation of claims in 1988. Which also means Israel’s annexation of “East” Jerusalem was fully legal, and settlement-building is not banned in disputed territories.

  3. John C. Ross says:

    David should not accuse others of being bullshitters.
    The legitimacy Israel has comes from the Partition grant by the United Nations in 1947-48, and that extends only to the territory within the 1967 border. And even within that territory 20% of the populace are non-Jewish, in effect Palestinian.

  4. Michael Pace says:

    What is the UN doing? Sitting on their shiny seats,collecting their fraudulent wages and wasting a lot of hot air.You are the body that can bring some vestige of justice upon this earth.You are derelict of any morality and courage to face up to evil regimes in this world.This is my view.

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