Mexico’s invisible women

By Rupert Knox, Researcher on Mexico at Amnesty International

Less than a week ago, six Spanish tourists were raped in the holiday resort city of Acapulco, State of Guerrero in southern Mexico.

The attack rapidly became international news and initially the local authorities appeared keen to downplay the story, showing more interest in protecting the image of Acapulco as a tourist destination.

However, as public outrage spiralled and, under pressure from the Spanish authorities, a full investigation was promised.

Those of us who follow events in this part the world were far from surprised by news of this truly dreadful crime.

More on violence against women in Mexico

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  1. Cherry Eddy says:

    The world seems to be going backwards in terms of civilisation. These violent & sexist crimes against women are harrowing, and we must do all we can to prevent them.

  2. The situation is very bad and Maitars him Alaah longer a hate crime authorities must take strong measures on these issues

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