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Our brand new campaign – My Body, My Rights – launches on 14 February. It highlights how millions of young people are denied their basic human right to make informed decisions about their own sexual and reproductive health. On page 12 in WIRE January/February you can read an interview with Sabrina Frydman from Argentina, who campaigns with Amnesty. She talks about the problems many young people face on this issue, and what they can do about it.

And read ‘Talking easily about condoms’, a recent LIVEWIRE blog post about how young people in Nepal are working to make it easier to talk freely about ‘taboo’ issues.

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  1. Alex Marphy says:

    Human Rights Under Threat in Bangladesh.

    The ruling party is highly oppressing the opposition parties especially ‘Jamaate Islami’ in Banladesh. The ruling ‘Awami League’ Govt. has arrested almost all top leaders of ‘Jamaate Islami’. But the govt. is not giving the victim party permission to bring out any procession, to arrange a meeting, a seminar and not even a human chain. International authorities’ interference is needed immediately.

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