Li Yan is alive, but still facing execution

By Luisa De Campo from Amnesty International Australia

Li Yan is on death row in China for murdering her husband after suffering repeated, horrific abuse at his hands. She could be put to death any day now.

Though the Supreme People’s Court has approved her execution, Li Yan is still alive. This gives us hope that our call on the Chinese authorities not to execute Li Yan have been effective so far.

If you haven’t already, please join Amnesty supporters and demand Li Yan be spared the death penalty. Each day, as you sign, we continue to fax your petitions to the Chinese authorities.

The death penalty in China

While exact statistics of the death penalty in China are unavailable (as they are considered a state secret), it is estimated that thousands of executions take place on an annual basis – which is more than the rest of the world combined.

Many people facing the death penalty in China do not receive fair trials. The accused are not presumed innocent, confessions are often extracted through torture or ill-treatment and the accused are detained in poor conditions.

This is the situation Li Yan is facing. We need to let the Chinese authorities know that the world is watching Li Yan. By making your voice heard we can make a real difference to help save the life of Li Yan and others like her.

Take action

Tell China not to execute Li Yan

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  1. Lola D. says:

    She s not guilty but the victim. Please save her!

  2. Simone says:

    Noone can decide upon human beings’s life, NOONE, it’s a really awful things that still people on this world get killed by their own brothers. Stop war, stop hate. Only Peace.

  3. Ingrid Nilsson says:

    Do not kill Li Yan, please!

  4. ClaireMarie Parisi-Kudlak says:

    Death Penalty is obsolete! Spare her life and the thousands who are unknown. Are we not allowed to protect ourselves from danger? Or is the abusers life more valuable than the victims life?

  5. Violeta says:

    Save Li Yan!!!

  6. Ethan says:

    I hope that Chinese authorities stop or at least delay this execution. She should have never killed the man she killed but I believe that the man abusing her is a mitigating factor. The appropriate punishment for this would be 5-10 years imprisonment with a possibility of parole after 1/3 of the sentence. Unfortunately Amnesty International has never been able to persuade governments from stopping executions so I highly doubt that she wont be executed, but for what its worth, please China, dont execute this woman.

  7. Sharon Campbell says:

    I am asking for the same consideration for Li Yans life that you would wish if it were your own daughter or sister who had suffered repeated abuse until she chose to defend herself and her own honor. I suspect that she paid dearly for the crime before it was committed. She was abused past the point of endurance. Please exercise the wisdom and compassion you would want for yourself and for those you love.

  8. Gherghemihaela says: her live,,,,!!!!!!!!!

  9. Liliana Méndez Méndez says:

    Por el derecho a la vida, sólo Dios tiene de quitarla.

  10. MJ Pak says:

    Save her from execution.. Whole world watching China…Be aware !!

  11. Anika Marxl says:

    stop death penalty !!!!

  12. BIRGHOFFER says:

    Vous, la Chine un si grand et beau pays vous en êtes encore à des exécutions barbares ! Vous, la Chine le monde entier vous observe et attend une réponse ! Vous la Chine, vous vous devez de sauvez Li Yan !

  13. DELRIEU says:

    Self-defense. What could she do alone, facing her abuser,?

  14. بشىث says:

    please save her

  15. Anne F. Kriz says:

    A human life is at stake here. Restore the dignity and right to life of this woman.

  16. Nilay says:

    Even if a person commits a ‘crime’, his/her background, past records, circumstances under which she has done this – all these factors should be considered.

  17. Reuel Naidoo says:

    To the rulers in China.Please consider the the requests that has been sent to you.
    You are a great Nation and Country.The Whole world respects your economic achievements and success.
    With all the good your nation has taught us,do not consider the finality of carrying out the practice of the Death sentence on Li Yan life.I am a South African and even from this end of the world we watching.Please do not disappoint us.

  18. Magdalena Piela says:

    She should be free. No one who is have hell at home think and do as a normal person. It’s like war without shelter, without hope if you don’t have a money to run away. Nation should take care of his harmed peoples!!!!

  19. Lluïsa Viñas Salas says:

    Let’s stop death penalty.

  20. Anne Hacker says:

    Please set this lovely woman free. She is a human being.

  21. Anitza Novoa Acevedo says:

    No a la Pena de Muerte…

  22. fatiha boujarfaoui says:

    respectez le droit à la vie!

  23. Prince williams says:

    Please the Chinese government, i beg in the name of the lord to save the woman’s life because whatever that conspired between she and her late husband is not intentional as for her to secured her precious life by defensed the husband died. So i urge the Chinese government to help stop the her execution and consider other methods of punishment.

  24. Monika Köhler says:


  25. Mr.imran Khan Kundi. says:

    Why The Chinese Govt. insisting On Executing A Human Being Specially A Female ???

  26. Juillerat Catherine says:

    En France elle serait libérée car la maltraitance des femmes est condamnée il faut la protéger et surtout lui rendre sa vie !!!!

  27. J says:

    Please give this woman a new life in modern China; the world is watching.

  28. mel yang says:

    she’s the victim. you need to think – what would you do if you were repeatedly abused and mistreated? there is no honor in executing her for standing up for herself. let Li go, because she is not a criminal, an animal, but a human being who deserves to be set free. send her to america for a second chance. do not kill this woman.

  29. denle una oportunidad de vivir por fin

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