1. Alinear says:

    It would be great if this blog post could link to the Optional Protocol or the list of the 10 countries which have ratified it.

  2. Dave Sheehan says:

    Be not afraid, but an insistence that ALL human rights as laid down in the UN Declaration of human rights will come with strings attached. If we insist that ALL human beings have an intrinsic right to food, shelter and unfettered cultivation of the body, spirit and mind, then there will be an equalisation of the way of life on this planet, never seen before in human history. We of the greedy, violent, ego-centred, materialistic western economic paradigm are going to have to complete remodel our way of life, which is based on a machiavellian exploitation of the majority of humanity, that lives a life of mind-boggling poverty. If you support this new vision, sign here, but be well aware of the consequences. This planet can become a haven for all life, but it is going to cost us.

  3. In the summer of 2006, Guzu Paul, a civil rights activist, became the unfortunate victim of a shocking tragedy, which you would expect to see only in movies. In everyday life, he would be a Paintball promoter. It was the first time he was going abroad due to the suffering of a rare form of bone disease, which made it difficult for him to travel on long distances. He was coming home from a Paintball match in Argentina, a place considered to have many risks by some people, home country of the current Pope. Having to change flights, his first arrival was in Fumicino-Rome(Italy), where he instantly became the target of some covetous custom officers, who decided to take some of his belongings for themselves. The activist reacted immediately, as anyone would, and publicly protested, demanding help from the police and accusing the officers of theft. They searched for reasons to keep him there for a couple of hours, until he would change his mind. One of the reasons was that his booked airflight wasn’t found on their airline’s server, which was subsequently proved to be valid.
    The situation started to deteriorate when the Romanian man was taken in a private room with the intention of forcing him not to press charges against the Italian custom officers. The activist’s goal of punishing them was a dangerous decision to make. He got hit several times, without fighting back. Even in poor physical health, he didn’t stop believing in justice and asked for the presence of a translator and the police. It seems that around him, there have been noticed other cases of people pushed around. One thing is sure: the custom officers were looking for somebody. In airports, there are constantly found luggages with illegal content, abandoned by their owners for various reasons. The custom officers’ duty is to find those owners, guilty of carrying around those items. To get rid of the accusations made by the Romanian activist and to escape successfully without any sort of punishment, they suddently had an idea. They brought him the wrong luggage, one similar in shape, size and colour. The Romanian man knew it wasn’t his, so he refused to open it, considering it strange to rummage through other people’s bags. He got hit again. This made their situation more complicated.
    How did the Italian system cover up for them? They quickly did some paper work in Italian, language that the activist didn’t speak, changed the luggage, robbed everything that looked valuable from it and put the man to sign charges that he wasn’t aware of, without any translator, lawyer or witnesses. They took 9000 lei, equivalent to almost 2000 Euros. They even got all the coins found in his bag. They also tore apart every document found in the bag. This way, he got framed, blaming him falsely for drug trafficking, which is a serious accusation to make. The Romanian was taken to a clinic, where the doctor refused to examine him because the situation was suspicious. Later on, they took him to prison. After a few days he went to see the judge, not in a court room, but in a cell. He got investigated without a lawyer because the person who was supposed to defend him refused to come. The Romanian even got a letter in which he was announced that his assigned lawyer didn’t wish to attend his investigation.
    How did he get the news about the accusations made against him? In spoken and written Italian, of course. Afterwards, a translator assisted him, who explained in poor Romanian skills what was going on. The written accusations were just in Italian, so Guzu Paul remained under arrest without at least understanding what happened.
    The Romanian Ambassy admitted in a letter that they didn’t get their acces allowed due to the fact that the Italians declared that the activist has a lawyer allready, but the lawyer was the person who refused to represent him. Another suspicious thing! Why were there so many irregularities? What were his rights violated for? The right to an attorney must be always strictly respected.
    The Romanian activist got moved from a prison to another, 3 in total, because their directors considered him incompatible.They later made a medical expertise in which they declared that because of his health condition he couln’t be imprisoned on Italian territory or any prison. That’s what the doctors said. He got released after 4 months, on the 22nd of December 2006, the maximum period of time he could be held without starting the trial. They said they had evidence, but in 4 months they didn’t accomplish to present anything to start a trial. Once he got released from jail, he was threatened to leave the country. According to the Bosefinni law, that’s what he had to do. With help from people on the street, he bought himself a train ticket to go back home. After he arrived in Romania, he immediately announced the national authorities and the international ones, even the European Court, the Abuses Court of the Romanian Parliament and the secretary of state. In 2008, the institutions checked everything out but they didn’t find anything after contacting the Italian authorities. The advice he got was to sue the Italian state for abuse.
    Being a civil rights activist, he decided to search for other similar cases where Romanian people got abusively imprisoned. He was in shock of what he had found and tried helping them. He even accomplished winning one of his most publicized cases with serious financial damages. The case of Papp Stelian Laurentiu(story which can be read on http://www.papstelian.info) is a similar story to Guzu Paul’s, both in Italy, both living in the same town. The activist has often appeared on TV camera, which bothered the Italian state. He didn’t do anything illegal, but thruth hurts and disturbs.
    On the 12th of March 2013, the Italians decided to take revenge on him in the most cruel way. Guzu got arrested again, for the same accusation made 5 years ago. It is said that he was adjudged in his absence 5 years ago, without being announced of his sentence. Unlawfulness again! Why? Because the Italians hatched a plot against the activist to make him shut his mouth permanently when it comes to Italy’s problems. The Romanian state immediately decided to take him under arrest like he was a real danger to other people, all based on a paper without extradition warrant. After 5 days, the mandate made its appearance. The Romanian man had his foot already strained because of the improper way of transport and visibly instable health condition due to being illegaly imprisoned in a dungeon, in IPJ’s basement in unhealthy conditions.
    Help came right before giving his last breath, after 27 days of starving, from a human rights lawyer and the organizations who discovered the horror situation the activist had been in. The president of the Civil Rights Asociation was in the same situation. Guzu was forced to jump in one leg from court to court, in a miserable condition, until his other leg got also weak. In the last moment, the High Court released him. He is now at home, in his bed and wishes there is still hope for justice in his case. He asks himself why has he fought this much for his country. If this happens to other people, everybody will stop caring about law in Romania. These events have made Guzu Paul decide to quit activism, asking himself “For what?”, just like Petre Tutea, another old activist against comunism.
    Now it is clear for us why Romanian people give up their citizenship so easily and why they aren’t proud at all of their nationality. They can easily compare Romanian citizenship with others, countries that care about their people and their rights. The life of a Romanian doesn’t have any value for the state, which only regrets what has happened only after an opinion gets scandalized. Unfortunately, this can happen after a Romanian citizen gets already killed because of the abuse.

  4. Roxa says:

    Uruguay is one of those countries, isn’t it? Thanks

  5. “A generation without education is doomed. We need assurance, we need to be heard and to participate, we need a future. We have a right to education and we want to go to school.”
    In a humanitarian crisis, whether it’s war, famine or natural disaster, lives are turned upside down. Families are uprooted, separated or destroyed. Access to education deteriorates. Safety and security dissolve. In the midst of this chaos, displaced adolescent girls are often the most overlooked, neglected and vulnerable. When girls ages 10-16 lose their homes, families or schools, they are more exposed to:

    exploitation and abuse
    sexual and gender-based violence
    early pregnancy
    forced marriage, often by age 16
    forced labor

    Actually in Pakistan city of karachi is very bad situation target killing ,thrift , lotting, murder, Bom blast and the death tolls are daily increase and after election new government how can survive each and every city are infected that type of issues and also the above issues are in critical situation

  6. Kolla Gangadhar says:

    All countries who have signed covenant of International Human Rights should protect Human Rights of the People of the country. I am of the opinion that Poverty is the root cause for violation of Human Rights, Might, Rich are always exploit poor people and democratically elected Governments always support Mighty, Rich people Neo-Feudals they are Foreign Multi National companies, Multi National companies, Capitalists, Neo-Feudals entered into Executive, Legislature, Judiciary, Bureaucracy have been violaters of Human Rights of People and constitutional Rights, statutory Rights. Democratic countries Rule of Law is perished and Anarchy has been prevailing. I request the United Nationals Organisation, Human Rights Council United Nations to admonish Member countries for violation of Human Rights of the People. SOCIAL JUSTICE THAT IS JUSTICE, SOCIAL, ECONOMIC, POLITICAL is rendered to the People of the countries Poverty will be eradicated economic disparities will be reduced wealth of the Nation will be distributed as much as possible equally and Human Rights violations of the People will be curtailed. I request all Human Rights Organisations, Human Rights Activists to fight for Social Justice to reduce economic inequality so that Poor People will get protection from the State that their Human Rights, Constitutional Rights, Statutroy Rights will be protected. I will fight for Eradication of Poverty, Protection Human Rights, Childrens Rights, Women Rights, Poor People Rights so that SOCIAL JUSTICE WILL BE RENDERED TO THE PEOPLE AND THERE WILL BE PEACE ECONOMIC EQUALITY THAT IS RICH AND POOR WILL BE EQUAL THAT WILL PROTECT HUMAN RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD. I request all Human Rights Organisations, Human Rights Activists to understand what is SOCIAL JUSTICE AND FIGHT FOR ECONOMIC EQUALITY THEN ALL HUMAN NEEDS THAT ARE HUMAN RIGHTS WILL BE RENDERED TO THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD.

  7. Pradip K. Paul says:

    What is happening in Syria & Iran. Serious H.R. violation occurring there. What we can do from here(Bangladesh). At least we can raised our voiced. Pradip K. Paul. ,Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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