1. Michelle Eddisford says:

    New regime but still a corrupt regime. No consultation. No alternative accomodation. No Humanity. No Dignity. No consideration for basic Human Rights. Shame on you Governer Kidero.

  2. Nicolas Senn says:

    Dear Governor Kidero,

    I am writing on behalf of the residents of the City Carton and Opendo settlements in Nairobi West. I was shocked to hear that some 400 families were forcibly evicted on 10 May.

    I understand that the evictions took place after the settlement was cordoned off by police officers. Groups of young men then burst into the homes and forced the residents out, before demolishing the informal settlement using crowbars and sledgehammers. The police fired live ammunition and at least five teargas canisters during the operation. Most Carton City residents interviewed later reported looting and theft by the men who demolished their homes.

    Moreover, 600 families of the Opendo settlement fear also massive forced eviction after the destruction of 12 houses on May 18. I also understand that City Carton and Opendo residents had been given no opportunity to engage in any consultation with the authorities before the evictions.

    I call on you, as City Governor, to stop any further attempt to demolish the City Carton or Opendo settlements. I also call on you to ensure that all residents who have been forcibly evicted have immediate access to food, water, healthcare services and shelter. I call on the authorities in Kenya to ensure that legal safeguards against forced evictions are in place before any further evictions are carried out.

    Finally, I call on the authorities to ensure that immediate and impartial investigations are carried out into the 10 May, 12 May and 18 May forced eviction of residents of the City Carton and Opendo settlements in Nairobi.

    Yours sincerely

  3. Pat Williams says:

    I call on Governor Kidero to provide essential support and shelter to evictees.

  4. Gugz says:

    Dear Governer Kidero

    I call on you to see to the needs that these innocent citizens of Kenya are in desperate need of! Furthermore, I would like to address the issue of such appalling actions of the police. The police are meant to be a legal body that protects the citizens so that the citizens can trust them and not dangerous body that the citizens fear! Punitive action should be considered and regulations on the policemen role needs to be reconstructed in order to ensure security and not exercise fear!

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