Sri Lanka’s authorities must #TellTheTruth

Feels like paradise? This is the Sri Lanka the authorities don’t want you to see.

In June, we launched our Tell the Truth campaign, calling on Sri Lanka to come clean about its appalling record of torture, killings and other human rights abuses – and stop them.

Last week, we brought you Dr Manoharan’s account of his son’s killing by Sri Lanka’s security forces. After challenging the government’s version of events in his son’s case, Dr Manoharan received death threats and fled the country with his family.

He and his son are not the only ones to have suffered at the hands of the authorities. Across the country, journalists, lawyers, grassroots activists – anyone who dares to criticize the authorities – risks jail, torture and disappearance every time they speak out. A climate of intolerance and fear has swept the island as the government’s stranglehold on the population grows ever tighter.

Sri Lanka can’t dodge the truth much longer. Its authorities have put a lot of effort into covering up killings, crushing dissent and whitewashing its post-war image to present a fresh new version of itself.

But these cosmetic applications are just that. The truth will out.

Act now

Help us get Sri Lanka’s authorities to tell the truth about past and present abuses, and stop them, by signing our petition – Dr Manoharan will present it to the UN in September.

Find out more

Read Dr Manoharan’s blog about how his son Ragihar was killed by Sri Lanka’s security forces.

‘There are no human rights in Sri Lanka’: Feature, page 7-8, WIRE May/June 2013.

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  1. Para Nagaratnam says:

    Truth must out on Sri Lankan disappearances, killings,torture and rape

  2. Peace Obeki says:

    Please take a moment to sign the Amnesty International’s Tell the Truth online petition on Sri Lanka.

  3. Ravi Samaranayake says:

    Don’t attack small countries which are trying to stand up, after a 30 years of bloody war, under the unofficial support of developed countries. Do something about the US violating human rights in the middle east, every single day.

    • puniselva says:

      Syria is attacked on articles on Syria all over the world. This is about Sri Laka which has been crushing the Tamils under army of occupation since the end of military assaults in May 2009. I won’t say it’s end of war – war is going on in other ways.

  4. AI is the only NGO that had been consistently fighting for justice of the 146000 Vanni Tamil population that were criminally exterminated by the Sinhala majority government in May 2009 in the war without witnesses. The whole world failed to protect the Tamils. The UN too let them down outright.

    It is hypocisy at its worst. AI was the sole voice that gave the Tamils some consolation right through. Long live AI and its devoted staff.

  5. Arun S says:

    Sri Lanka must come clean.

  6. Srivanamoth says:

    Enough is enough to bring to an end SL government’s mass killing fields. It’s long past time time for the UN to act rather than fiddle on its own mandate to protect innocent citizens at the hands of its “own” governments.It’s no wonder failure to act in SL has led to what is going on with like impunity in Syria. There can be no cherry picking: what applied in Bosnia must also apply to these two countries!

  7. csj says:

    News for sri lanka
    UN’s Navi Pillay attacks Sri Lanka human rights record
    BBC News ‎
    UN human rights chief Navi Pillay lambasts Sri Lanka after a week-long visit, saying democracy has been undermined and the rule of law …Sri Lanka refuses to comply with United Nations calls for an independent investigation into allegations of war crimes and Genocide Tamils since Independence from the United Kingdom
    – Dominion 4 February 1948
    – Republic 22 May 1972

  8. Dinesh says:

    Why this petition link is not working?

  9. S.Visvanathan says:

    Sri Lanka has become a graveyard for the Tamils. Murder, rape, disappearances, White Van Abductions and gruesome torture are common occurrences

  10. sunny Moodley says:

    Sri Lanka will never admit its war crimes against the Tamil people. The UNHRC and the countries around the world must bring Sri Lanka to book. The UNSC has failed miserably to investigate and find a solution. Are Tamila not recognized by the world? Are we human beings or dogs?

  11. Noel Christine Fernando says:

    Let us put our house in order.

  12. Anton.J says:

    This is the sad reality of SL, no accountability & dictatorship is taking the country backwards. Where is the justice for all those poor souls ……….

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