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Activism is infectious. When one person picks up the courage to take a stand, it inspires others to follow.

The coup in Chile on 11 September 1973, and the human rights abuses that followed, shocked people worldwide into standing up for human rights. One of them was a Norwegian diplomat, who quietly smuggled Chileans to safety under the nose of the military regime.

Forty years later, we brought him back together with a man he helped to escape Pinochet’s prisons. This man passed on the favour. He joined Amnesty and has campaigned for human rights ever since. Read their inspiring story on page 10.

WIRE also focuses on the silent crisis of forced evictions in Africa (page 4-9). You can help stop it: start by signing our petition. And send a letter for an individual at risk (page 22-23) It could change someone’s life, and inspire others to take a stand too.

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  1. robert bright says:

    make the world a better place

  2. vishnumoorthy says:

    Need justice to srilankan tamils

  3. Romeo Harry says:

    I am glad to be an activist,and i will always be!

  4. Gagan Thapa says:

    do anyone even care about what happened in Kathmandu?? #forceful demolition for road widening project

  5. Richard Nyakundi says:

    I am also pleased to join Amnesty`s fight for the welfare of the oppressed. All human beings deserve their rights regardless of their statuses

  6. shakil ahmed says:

    As a lone and vulnerable human rights i’ve undergone immense mental and physical tortures, physical injuries, sabotage to property in the civil society. A dot of light seems to have appeared at the end of the tunnel after my association with Amnesty. It has given a life to my dying hopes.

  7. Berit Meyer says:

    Let us – us “normal” people stand together regardless of colour, country or creed stand together united for a better future – a balanced future for ALL people.
    What importance is a country – we ALL share the same world – we are ALL connected.

    We have a duty to our children and grandchildren – future generations to pass on a world of equality and harmony for all.
    On behalf of me and my children I thank you – you who have the courage to stand up against injustice and death. You are not forgotten.

    Tak – takk – thank you – grazie – gracias – merci – danke – spaziba -

  8. adv. s . Jyothikumar says:

    everyone of us have a bounden duty to work hard for a better society and to protect the interests of our neighbours.

  9. Bayi Moise says:

    que les droits del’homme prévalent dans le monde.

  10. lara nasabi says:

    Am Lebanese and I would love to join amnesty.. how??

    • Kristin Hulaas Sunde says:

      Hi Lara – good to hear from you. If you don’t have an Amnesty office in your country you can become an International Member. You can then take action, participate in our campaigns and actions, receive information about human rights issues targeted to your interests, and engage with our other 50,000 International Members from over 120 countries. You can sign up here:
      http://www.amnesty.org/en/join You will be asked to enter your country of residence and personal details.

  11. Amos Chileshe Muselema says:

    This is a noble course. I just have to continue with the activism. Human rights abuses are becoming more and more sophisticated. We have to be more strategic and ever remain united to fight these abuses. I feel good to learn that a petition I have contributed to pulls through. It makes a difference. Thanks to AI…

  12. I am really glad to inform that nearly five years I am with Amnesty as an international member…..and I am now directly Involve monitoring human rights violations happening in Sri Lanka . some of my friends who are interested about human rights are join with me and I established a Organization and It was help the people who are victims of human rights violations.

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