Warning: This video could make you furious

All over the world, people are being forced out of their homes without warning or consultation. Most of them are poor. Few get the chance to challenge these evictions or receive any compensation. Most are simply kicked out of their neighbourhoods with what they can carry, and left to fend for themselves.

Amnesty International and WITNESS wanted to put the silent crisis of forced evictions under the spotlight and say: enough!  So we got together with design firm Pentagram to make this video. Please watch it, then tell us what you think by commenting on this blog post.

Did you like it? Hate it? Did the injustice of it all simply make you furious? Please tell us by leaving a reply below.

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  1. hasim akyuz says:

    world no need police to live safe/need onlu humanity in everywhere!

  2. Carla López says:

    Very good video, congrats on it. It clearly show how easy some violations of Human Rights are presented to society to try to turn them into right things… It make me feel very ashamed, ashamed of being a member of this society taht simply kicks out an entire community just because they want to build a mall. Instead of helping them to live a better life with better housing and supplies, they just remove them and transfer them to another place where someone else can remove them again. They will turn into IDP just because they were not profitable.
    I feel very sad… very ashamed to see that everyday someone is kicked out from their house… this is the World in 2013.

  3. Catalina Roldán says:

    Well, although this is a very powerful video, this “evicting” problem is happening all around the world and I dare to say that, more specifically in those countries in which the war has freedom to be developed not only by the government, but any armed group. Such as my country. I’ve live all my life in Colombia, where the internal war has destroyed almost half of the rural fields and it keeps moving peasants out of their lands. I do want to be a part of the change. It is what i want the most since I was a powerless kid watching all my relatives being part of the opression. Keep me informed, please.

  4. adel fathi says:

    when real democracy become the only game in the world

  5. ms. jacque says:

    i don’t think Americans can relate…or see the parallels.

  6. Edem Sosu says:

    Never underestimate the ability of a human being to visit wickedness on another human being if he knows he can get away with it.

  7. Otega Esemuede Jr says:

    We hope for a global peace and a world without border and free from hates, Freedom to Humanity.

  8. Ahmadu A.michika says:

    Only in Africa that we have problem of inconsistency,injustice,Incredibility and corruption among us kindly intervene to save people lives

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