1. ishara azeez says:

    justice for Kalpana

  2. Zahra Ojagh says:

    I would like to hear more about Kalpana Chakma and the other Women activists.

    • Tandra says:

      I believe once the criminals of Kalpana Chakma abduction case get the light of justice all the violence happened in Bangladesh will get justice. So it is important to take action on this issue.

  3. J Fco Sanchez says:

    Justice for Kalpana

  4. Kabita Chakma says:

    Justice for Kalpana Chakma and her family

  5. sk talibur rahman says:

    The fact need to be find out and resposible for the abduction must get punished. No more repitation of such act in future.

  6. shahidul islam sabuj says:

    justice for kalpona chakma and all the hill people..

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