1. JonThan Nicholz says:

    Surely the town or city council are there to support,uphold a d plan forward for the happiness of its people.I do not understand how evicting people ,who have nowhere else to live, can be constrewed as supporting,, upholding and planning for the wellbeing and happiness of the town or city. Leaving them homeless after driving them out of their houses appears to be a denial and negation of their responsibilities. Can they not be taken to court for this? ,? How do they justify such actions? .Where is honour,responsibility and compassion?- Have they also been driven out of the town? Self respect also thrown ouf ? Shame on them.How can they expect to be treated reasonably when they behave in this manner ? Surely,are they not casting a shaddow on their own future by behaving in this manner.Injustice has to be reconciled,somehow,sooner or later.

  2. P-Condila-Lacy says:

    I agree with JonThan Nicholz 100%

  3. katherine says:

    These people have a human right just like you to have a decent roof over their heads to call their home. What else is there for them but a future of cold and misery.
    With all the pain and sorrow in the world right now you are adding your own people on the long list of homelessness and desolation.

  4. Alice Cochrane says:

    Municipal social cleansing at work, and they will contrive any number of lies to accomplish their morally indefensible end.

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