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Dominican Republic: Stateless people are no-rights people

By Chiara Liguori, Amnesty International’s researcher on the Caribbean There is one question everybody should be asking today at the United Nations in Geneva, as a panel of experts reviews the Dominican Republic’s human rights record: why are they stripping … Continue reading

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Dominicans of Haitian descent fight back

By Chiara Liguori, Caribbean researcher at Amnesty International When representatives of the Inter American Commission of Human Rights visit the Dominican Republic this week to look at the rampant discrimination suffered by Dominicans of foreign descent, Solange Pierre will not … Continue reading

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Gay people’s rights in the Caribbean have to be respected

By Chiara Liguori, Amnesty International researcher on the Caribbean. The mob killing of Dwayne Jones, a 17-year-old cross-dressing individual, on 22 July in St. James, Jamaica, after somebody pointed out that he was cross-dressing, is the latest dramatic instance of … Continue reading

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The National Police, the shady side of the Dominican Republic?

By Robin Guittard, Amnesty International Research and Campaigns Assistant Since 2011, I have had the opportunity of visiting the Dominican Republic on four occasions as an Amnesty International delegate. Today, as I approach the end of my most recent visit, … Continue reading

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Let’s hope we don’t have to go back

By Chiara Liguori, Amnesty International’s researcher on the Dominican Republic. On the evening of Monday, 11 March, dozens of activists were holding a symbolic vigil outside the headquarters of the Central Electoral Board in Santo Domingo when it was violently … Continue reading

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