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‘The bombing only stopped when the sun came out’ – Gaza under fire

By a human rights fieldworker in Gaza Last Monday into Tuesday were the scariest day and night since the current conflict began. The violence finally reached the area where I live; where I, my children and neighbours had thought it … Continue reading

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Stopping the killer robots…before it’s too late

By Rasha Abdul-Rahim, Campaigner on Arms Control, Security Trade & Human Rights Picture this: war breaks out in a far-off place, chaos and destruction abound, and countless civilians are killed and injured by Terminator-like automatons tasked with rooting out enemy … Continue reading

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Tackling the insecurity that threatens us all – Kenya and the Arms Trade Treaty

By Justus Nyang’aya, Director of Amnesty International Kenya The only reason I’m alive is because my attackers ran out of bullets. I remember that evening – 17 December 2013 – very clearly. The look of surprise on the gunman’s face … Continue reading

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Armed with pens, keyboards and a passion for human rights

A New Year’s message to activists from Salil Shetty, Amnesty International’s Secretary General. As a new year begins, I’d like to celebrate some of the things we achieved together in 2013. We are still counting the tweets, good old-fashioned letters, … Continue reading

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Welcome to WIRE July/August

WIRE celebrates people who stand up for human rights. This time, we meet three gay and lesbian activists from Kenya. They are supporting others and changing attitudes, despite being criminalized by their government. We also show how this kind of … Continue reading

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