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“Only one survived”… At a crossroads for women in Sierra Leone

By Lucy Freeman form the Africa Programme, Amnesty International, On Tuesday, we launched our new report on maternal health care in Sierra Leone. View report here At a Crossroads: Sierra Leone’s Free Health Care Policy.  At the launch, the Ministry … Continue reading

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The end of the Sierra Leone caravan

Today was the final day of the caravan. We drove from Bo to Waterloo, a town on the outskirts of Freetown. After a quick radio interview for the musicians, we assembled in the field and prepared for the event. The … Continue reading

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Reaching out to the central mosque in Bo

We split up today and did a number of different things in Bo. This morning, I went to a local radio station with Solomon, the section campaigner and the musicians. The musicians were interviewed about their involvement in Amnesty International’s … Continue reading

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People share experiences after watching film in Sierra Leone

This morning, we went to the Kenema government hospital and showed the Amnesty International film in the maternity ward. During the discussion after the film, people shared a number of their experiences. One of the women, Jenny N.C. Valli, spoke … Continue reading

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Delays that kill in Sierra Leone

We arrived in Kenema on Tuesday evening after an eight-hour drive from Kambia. Kenema is one of the main diamond trading posts in Sierra Leone and was one of the areas most affected during the war. Many people in the … Continue reading

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